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Specialized Committee


CCA established Charity Academic Committee, Disaster Relief Committee and Charitable Trust Committee to provide professional services for charity sector in 2016.


Academic Committee

CCA Academic Committee was established in Beijing on January 19th, 2016. It has ever since served as a shared platform and united body of scholars engaging in theoretical and policymaking research of philanthropy and charity.


The mission of the Academic Committee is to unite multi-disciplinary scholars and construct communication platform of charity research; to promote sustainable and healthy development of charity sector from aspects such as theoretical and policymaking research, charity system and ecology improvement, criteria and standards establishment, and intellectual cultivation.


Academic Committee’s duties include:

  •  supporting research on theories and policies;
  •  promoting system and ecology improvement;
  •  boosting construction of charity criteria and standards;
  •  participating in research grant-making; cultivating intellectual for charity sector.


The 1st edition of Academic Committee was formed by 28 scholars and experts from universities, research institutes and charitable organizations. The Committee’s Director was Zheng Gongcheng (Professor of Renmin University, Standing Committee Member of the National People’s Congress), and the Deputy Directors were Prof. Wang Ming (Professor of Tsinghua University), Prof. Kang Xiaoguang (Director of Renmin University of China Non-Profit Organization Research Institute), Prof. He Wenjiong (Director of Zhejiang University Social Security Research Center), Prof. Jin Jinping (Director of Peking University Non-Profit Organization Legislation Research Center).


Disaster Relief Committee


CCA Disaster Relief Committee was established in Beijing on June 13th, 2016. The duties of the Disaster Relief Committee include:

  •  Navigating, supporting and integrating charitable forces of charitable organizations and enterprises to participating in disaster relief with efficiency and rationality;
  •  Making regular mechanisms of involving disaster prevention, relief, and reduction forces from multi-sectors;
  •  Constructing platform of communicating charitable disaster relief information; undertaking campaigns and training programs of disaster prevention and relief.


The Disaster Relief Committee was initiated by the Amity Foundation, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Shenzhen One Foundation, Prof. Zhangqiang (Vice President of Beijing Bormal University Social Development and Public Policy School), Prof. Gu Linsheng (Sichuan University), and Mr. Hao Nan (Director of Beijing Zhuoming Disaster Information Service Center). The council currently has 53 organization and individual members.


Qiu Zhonghui, General Secretary of The Amity Foundation was elected to be Committee’s director. The deputy directors of  the standing committee are Mr. Liu Wenkui (General Decretary of China Foundation of Poverty Alleviation), Prof. Zhang Qiang (Vice President of Beijing Normal University Social Development and Public Policy School), Mr. Huang Haoming (General Secretary of China Association for NGO Cooperation), Mr. Liu Xuanguo (Deputy Director of China Red Cross Foundation), and Mr. Li Hong (General Secretary of One Foundation).


Charitable Trust Committee


CCA Charitable Trust Committee was established on November 16th,2016. The committee is dedicated to establish an effective mechanism for the operation of charitable trusts, to guide the trust companies and charitable organizations to carry out all kinds of charitable trust projects in accordance with the law. The duties of the committee include:

  •   Building a multi-cooperative platform;
  •   Establishing a think tank to assist charitable trust sector;
  •   Strengthening charitable trust norms;
  •   Carrying out related trainings;
  •   Promoting charitable trust pilot.


Cai Gaihuan, Financial expert, chief economist of China Trust Industry Association was elected as Committee’s director. China Social Welfare Foundation and Li Xianming, senior partner of AllBright Law Offices were elected as deputy directors of  the standing committee. Shanxi Province Charity Association, Sichuan Trust Co., Taikang Investment Trust Company Limited, ChangAn International Trust.,Ltd, AVIC Trust Co., Ltd and Zijin Trust Co. were elected as deputy directors.